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"Getting Smashed"

With tons of things on the “to-do” list today and tomorrow, from a conference call, an afternoon appointment, shuttling the son to/from school and sports practice, to “Academics Night” at the high school and then also getting my “boobs smashed” (yep ladies – this is important – don’t forget your annual mammograms!!) there’s no time to create jewelry before I leave for my sis’s cabin for the “Girls Retreat” this weekend.

Most of you are stuck back there on the “Boobs Smashed” thing, aren’t you? 

Well, as most of my friends and family know I usually do a shout-out each year for this – it’s my annual “Takin’ the Girls Out and Getting’ ‘em Smashed” campaign. Bringing a whole new (and positive) meaning to the term - “Getting Smashed”.

I’ve been doing this ‘campaign’ as I call it since before I had a blog and all I could do was email all my girl friends and family members and tell them how important this is and not to forget to do it! 

I mean no disrespect what so ever to anyone when using the words “getting smashed” and don’t use it to promote drinking and driving. I’m actually trying to bring a whole other meaning to the phrase – a positive one - in hopes that it will take over the other meaning and in the process put some light and levity into the situation.  Most people aren’t as open to talking about personal issues and things of this nature – and that’s okay, I am.

So, here’s my annual plea.  Take your ‘girls’ out this year and go ‘get ‘em smashed’ for the sake and safety of yourself and all those who love you. 

As I’ve said before, make it a fun day with your girl friends. (You’ll have to plan this in advance because as you know making appointments for these types of things doesn’t happen instantly).  Get a group of girlies together and all of you head over to the Mammo-Place and “get smashed” and then afterwards go out for a nice lunch or dinner and celebrate being the loving, caring, creative, positive and strong women you are!

Please, even if you go by yourself and just remind your girl friends and family members online or via text, twitter or whatever – take careof yourself - and let’s help raise awareness for this. I believe awareness can save lives!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and let’s “Save the Ta-Tas”!!