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Good Girls Wear Pearls!

And so do some 'Knotty Girls', some 'Cool Metal Chicks' and 'Wild Wire Women', too!

Welcome to the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Reveal!

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to be taken to articles and/or videos about Pearls!)
 There are so many pearl quotes, but one of my all time favorites is this one:
The Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens! ~Author Unknown~
I do believe the Pearl is the Queen of Gems and I don't think I'm alone in this belief.
Both the Romans and Egyptians cherished pearls for their mesmerizing beauty and it's recorded that pearls were used as adornment in the 5th Century BC, with even earlier mention of them being documented by the Chinese.

The Pearl has been regarded as the ultimate symbol of wealth and social status in certain areas (and eras) and has been (and still is) closely associated with love, marriage and the feminine/female aspect through out history. 

In today's modern world, pearls have waxed and waned in the fashion spotlight, often being regarded as stuffy, prim and proper; strictly for the more 'mature' crowd (Gasp!!). 
Fact is, pearls are never out of style. Nor are they 'stuffy'!

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Their pure versatility and timeless beauty allows them to go with anything (from jeans to wedding gowns), with any person, for any reason, during every season.
(In my opinion, anyway!)
In recent years pearls have emerged once again, making a strong comeback not only in jewelry and accessories, but finding their way in/on just about everything we touch.

So, what better way to celebrate the beloved and appealing Pearl, than with a design challenge blog hop?

The rules were simple. Design something, anything, using pearls in the design. Real pearls or imitation ones, as many or as little as you'd like - the choice was yours.

Then I asked that you share where you purchased or received your pearls (preferable with a shop name and/or link) so we could all go shopping for more pearls after the hop!

Faceted Pearl and Copper Earrings
Lovely Green Faceted Pearls: Majestic Pearl
Super Cool Copper Components: Kristi Bowman Designs
Copper Ear Wires - MiShel Designs :-)
I've been in love with pearls since I was a little girl and in 2006 I earned my Pearls Diploma from the
Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

From the beautiful pearly whites of the Akoya, to the soft, creamy South Sea Pearls, to the various natural and dyed colors of today's freshwater pearls, I love them all, but the ones that take my breath away and will forever have my heart are Tahitian Pearls!
To me, their beauty is like no other on the planet and although I generally cannot afford to use them in my designs, I get my fix by adding dyed, freshwater cultured pearls in 'Tahitian' colors as much as I possibly can. 
I use pearls in many of my jewelry designs and "There isn't a pearl I've met that I haven't fallen in love with!" 

Triple Strand Pearl and Bali Silver Bracelet
Pearls: Bead World, Ayla's Originals and King's Ransom/Betty Sue King/Pearl Goddess
Clasp: Star's Clasps, Bali Spacer Beads: Ands Silver

This being so, and since I can't crochet, knit or sew, and I don't do much in the way of mixed media, I chose to create jewelry using pearls for this blog hop. 
(Surprise, Surprise!) 

Gorgeous Honkin' Ringed Pearls - Evergreen Trading Co. - 626-279-2723
Pretty Baroque Pearls - Beads Galore (there website was down - this is their facebook page)
Turquoise - Rincon Trading Co.
Beautiful Silver Button and Little Silver Star/Heart Charm on bracelet - Untamed Spirit Studios / Kim Hatzold
Leather Cord: Leather Cord USA
Waxed Jewelry Cord - Knotty Do-It-All / Sandra Younger

I've designed so many different pieces of jewelry using pearls in some way or another over the years and because I've been showing a lot of them here lately on my blog, I was hard pressed to come up with something new and refreshing to create and post for this challenge.
(Not to mention I had to go in for a root canal on Wednesday, too!!)

Knotted Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet
Pretty Baroque Large Hole Pearls - Beads Galore (there website was down - this is their facebook page)
Turquoise - Rincon Trading Co.
Beautiful Silver Button and Little Silver Star/Heart Charm - Untamed Spirit Studios / Kim Hatzold
Leather: Leather Cord USA
Waxed Jewelry Cord - Knotty Do-It-All / Sandra Younger

But, I did get a few things finished just in time.
(Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?) 

Leather Knotted Pearl Choker / Double Wrap Bracelet
Super Honkin' Large Ringed White Pearls - Evergreen Trading Co. - 626-279-2723
Leather: Leather Cord USA
Button - JoAnn Fabrics
I've included links through out this post to various websites, tutorials, videos and/or articles on such pearl topics as the history of pearls, pearl farming, how to hand knot pearls, the care and storing of your pearls, Pearl Facts / Folklore, and more.


(Just click on any of the highlighted words to be taken to something wonderful in the Pearl World!)

Leather Cord Charm Necklace and Complimentary Earrings
Cool Little Heart Charm - Untamed Spirit Studios / Kim Hatzold
Ear Wires and .999 Fine Silver Hammered Circle Links - MiShel Designs

You can click on the PEARLS page (up top) here on my blog anytime to browse the links I have to suppliers, articles, videos and more.

Men's "Christopher Columbus" Cross Arm-Wear
"Christopher Columbus" Hand Poured, Recycled Pewter Cross - Mike Buettner - (aka - The Hubs!)
Awesome, Big-Ass Tahitian Colored Freshwater Cultured Pearls - Majestic Pearl
Leather: Leather Cord USA, Button - JoAnn's
Waxed Jewelry Cord - Knotty Do-It-All / Sandra Younger

Plus, you can click here to go to the post I did earlier this week where I answered questions some of the participants asked and also provided links to more websites and videos as well.

"The Queen Mary"
Pearls: Majestic Pearl, Ayla's Originals, Evergreen Trading Co., Jennifer Gems, Kings Ransom/Betty Sue  King,
Pearl Paradise, Pearl Concepts, and Lucky  Gems
Faceted Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx - Designer's Own - (Sorry - I have forgotten where I got these stones!)
Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass - Artbeads, Fusion Beads


I want to thank all the participants, some of whom mentioned their 'fear of pearls', but jumped in on this blog challenge anyway, for taking the time to create various types of handcrafted art using one of history's most beautiful and alluring gems!
So, grab a cup of black pearl tea, settle in and hop around to the participants below and check out all the wonderful ways they've used their glorious pearls!  
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!

Pearls Reminder,...

I just wanted to send out a reminder that the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Sign Ups are Going on this week.

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 25th and the blog hop will be on Sunday, September 15th.
Click here to go to the original blog post for more info
and to sign up. 

Thanks to everyone who's already signed up!!
It's gonna be a fun hop!
Miss Layla in MiShel Designs Pearls!
Why yes, Little Miss Layla is totally rockin' some gorgeous pearls!
Thank you for noticing.

But then,
she's been rockin' pearls
since she was just a baby!!
I've had some people ask questions regarding how to integrate pearls into their jewelry designs and what to do if you'd like to LOS your pearl and metal/wirework piece but don't want to harm your pearls and things of this nature.
Freya Pendant - Blackened Silver with Pearls and Turquoise
I'll be doing a blog post early next week that addresses some of these issues so that you'll have it for some guidance and I'm hoping it will help spark your interest in using pearls in many different ways.
Peace Bracelet - Pearls and crystals hand knotted on waxed linen
Because remember, even though the pieces I will create will be jewelry related ('cause that's what I do!), you're not limited to just creating jewelry with your pearls - you can crochet mittens decked out in pearls or knit a lovely scarf with pearl dangles (gosh, I wish I could do either of these!!) or you can create some cool wine charms with pearl dangles, be-deck your wine glass or your sunglasses even - you name it! 
Nicholas Kirkwood's Pearl Laced Satin Pumps - via Pinterest - are totally awesome!
Just get your pearls out and have some fun!
In the meantime, hop on over to my
for bits and pieces of inspiration to get you in the
"Pearl Designing" Mood, okay?!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!