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June is the Month of the Pearl!

I love the month of June. 

First and foremost because my son was born this month and second, because June's birthstone is the Pearl

Since pearls are my favorite gemstone, 
what more could I ask for, right? 

Let's cover a little Pearl-Ground shall we?

The Colosseum in Rome has this beautiful cross, which was challenging to photograph, but the ancient, rustic ruins inspired me to create jewelry that reminded me how I felt when I was there. This was the start of my 'Old World, Roman Empire' Cross obsession. And then of course, it would have to have pearls!  

One of the first gems to be valued by people, their history is rich.  So rich that at one point the Roman Empire's financial security was in jeopardy for paying out so much gold to India in exchange for this beautiful and mysterious gem; which people draped themselves in, coated objects with and even sought to walk upon. 

I'm not sure exactly why but when I think of Pearls, especially large, beautiful, baroque ones, I think of Ancient Empires, such as the Roman and Persian Empires.  

I believe this is why I like to see pearls used in interesting, some-what rustic looking ways. 

To me, textured metals or chunky, knotted silk or leather mixed with ancient coins, crosses and other relics which nod to these eras always seem so fitting for the pearl, which has undoubtedly stood the test of (Fashion) time. 

Pearls on Trend

Here's a few things which are hot and happening 
in the pearl-world right now. 


Although some may argue with me here, Hoops, just like Pearls, are always on trend! Right now though, hoops with pearls are beautifully showing their trendy luster these days. 

Everybody Gets the Blues! 
(And Greys/Grays!)

Blues and Grays are the new black.  Yes, I know neither of these were included in Pantone's Spring/Summer 2019 colors, but trust me, Blue and Greys, especially in reference to Pearl colors, are ALWAYS spot on. Especially when mixed with new and creative materials. 

Baroque Shapes.

Jewelry featuring baroque shaped pearls is one trend which seems to be growing in popularity and doesn't show signs of slowing down.  

Possibly because, (again my opinion) they're the most interesting, beautiful pearls around!

So tell me, 

What's your favorite color of pearl?

Your favorite piece of pearl jewelry?

Share in the fun and leave a comment below!

And, check out the links I provided below for you.

I hope you've enjoyed our little Pearl-Time.

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!


For your futher Pearl enjoyment,
I've included a few links to some fabulous resources such as:

Michelle Ludlam-Buettner (Shel) holds a Graduate Pearls Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is a Certified Pearl Specialist through the Cultured Pearl Association of American (CPAA).  In addition to creating her own jewelry line, she is also a freelance e-commerce copywriter specializing in the jewelry and travel industries who can often be found fawning over pearls in her spare time.  Follow Shel’s blog at or see what she’s snapping over on Instagram @pearlgeek.

Bead Chat Magazine - December Issue

I wanted to give a big shout out to the entire crew at
Would you just look at these earrings on the cover by Claire Lockwood?! 
Super Pretty!
If you're not familiar with Bead Chat Magazine, it's an online magazine started by Melinda Orr and run by her, Linda Younkman, Cynthia Machata, and Natalie McKenna with several other amazing jewelry artists as contributors.  
What started as a Facebook group of bead, jewelry and mixed media artists sharing information, supply links and support for each other turned into an amazing online community called  and it's definitely the 'hub' of our "beady-world".   And the online monthly magazine, Bead Chat, is the icing on the cake (if you ask me).

Cynthia over at Bead Chat Magazine contacted me a couple of months back to say they would like to do an interview with me and feature pearls in their December issue and believed I was their "Go To Pearl Girl".

I was thrilled to hear this!  (insert happy dance at desk upon reading that email!!)

Over the past several weeks, Cynthia, who writes amazingly well for the magazine, Natalie, who does a fantastic job on the photos and layout, and I exchanged emails, links, photos and details and they managed to put together an outstanding interview and Pearl Article complete with supplies links, knotting tutorials and educational information.  

And for this, I am truly grateful.
These two women are professional and super fun, creative (indeed!!) and just all around good people! I have to say 'easy to work with' is an understatement. They take everything you give them and turn it into beautifully laid out, eye-catching content and interesting words!
There's quite a few people, many of whom I didn't get to converse with, who, on a monthly basis really put their heart and soul into this magazine and make it the successful and much enjoyed magazine that it is.  Each month, the entire staff and their contributors work around the clock (from what I can tell!) to bring those of us in the bead and jewelry crafting world one of the most top notch magazines related to our industry - online or in print (IMHO, anyway).
In the pages of Bead Chat you will find links to tutorials, fun interviews, feature articles on really interesting and talented artists, helpful tips, trends within our industry and completely amazing photos of all types of jewelry - super stuff!

Super Cool Earrings by Lisa Lodge!
Yep, inspiration galore! 

Beautiful Shimmering Necklace by Lynda Carson!
Thank you again to everyone involved with Bead Chat, you're greatly appreciated and deserve all the kudos you are getting online from all of us in the beading/jewelry world!
So, whatcha waitin' for?  Head on over and take a peak inside
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Feeling Grateful (and excited)!