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Saturday Night Cocktails

Saturday Night Cocktails

Whatcha doing this Pre-Halloween Weekend?
Plans? Parties?
Ghostly Gatherings,....Witchy Wanderings?
I've been hanging out over at the new Artisan Whimsy site.
  It's a site that was started by some wonderful artisan ladies after the Creative Bead Chat over on FB got to be so successful and people asked for something more. 

 Artisan Whimsy is loaded with all sorts of fantastic information for creative bead/jewelry minds,...videos how to's, tutorials, jewelry inspiration and ideas, forums and chats, challenges and give-a-ways, events, and fun and informative blog posts.

One of those blog posts is where I learned to pin my own MiShel Designs Etsy items onto Pinterest and then create a set with it over on another favorite site of mine, Polyvore. 
I had figured it out a while back and forgotten how to do this and then when I had tried it again, it was like I'd never done it in my life, so I desperately needed my hand held and told step-by-step what to do! 
Artisan Whimsy's having a
"Show Us Your HOOTERS" Challenge.
Nope, not those kind of hooters,...owl Hooters!! 
Go on over and check it out.
You've got until the 28th (tomorrow) to enter I think it is.
 And, if you've recently added some cool things to Pinterest, why not leave your link or follow me and give me a 'head's up' on what's going on over on your favorite boards!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Saturday Night Spotlights!


Bohemian Inspired Sweetness!!

I got a really cool email last weekend from Beading Daily.

They told me I had won Lorelei Eurto's Pompidou Necklace that is on the cover of her and Erin Siegel's new book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry, 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords from their Polyvore Challenge they had!

Can you believe it!?!!  I'm so excited! 

Thank you so much Beading Daily, Lorelei and Erin for having the Polyvore Challenge, it was a lot of fun!

My Polyvore design with Lorelei's Necklace

You guys really need to get the girls' book, if you don't already have it.  It's very well done.  The layout is great and the photos are amazing. Plus, the way they have all the materials and tools listed as well as how to care for your ribbons, cords, etc. is a huge bonus!

Here's the link to the Interweave Press Book Store:  Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

And, you've got to hop on over to Beading Daily and see what's going on over there this week - they're always full of fun ideas, tips, great articles and videos you can watch - super site!
(I've got the app on my iPhone!)

Here's the link to Lorelei's blog: 

Here's the link to Erin's:

Oh,...and Polyvore
I'm seriously obsessed,...that's all I'm gonna say. 

I wanted to try and do a little video 'vlog' thing, so here goes.

The video is rather awful (sorry!!) and I'm also sorry for all the movement and for not speaking into the camera and showing my face and all.
If you read Wednesday's post you know I got scratched in the face by my sis's cat (Cosmo kitty) and I've got a bit of an infection on my upper lip - it's pretty ugly and I didn't want to scare you!!  

Anyhoo, soon as the necklace arrives in the mail (it's on it's way!) I'll post some pics so you can see it up close! 

Oh,....the suspense and waiting is sooooo hard!!

Thanks again to all involved with this - you're super!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pompidou!

Weekend Sail Anyone?

If you could be doing anything at all this weekend,
what would it be?

San Clemente State Beach Park, California

I think it would be fun to go for a sail.

Sailing into Catalina Harbor

Feeling the sprays of the water on my face. Smelling the salty sea air.

Long Beach Harbor, California

Hearing the boat slice through the water,...seeing the deep blue ocean.

Here's what I'd wear.

And somewhere, 'Sailing' by Christopher Cross would be playing,.....remember that one?!

Hmmm,.....can you see it?  Hear it?  Feel it?

Perfect Seas!!

Me, too.

What about you? 

What would you do,.....and how would it look, sound and feel?

Logan and Mike sailing into Catalina Harbor back in December of 2008

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Visualization!


Putting it all together,...

So, do you ever get in one of those moods where you're just obsessed with something?

Yep, me too!  Lately, it's been Polyvore (again!). 

It started a couple years back when I found Polyvore.  I just love putting outfits together. I don't always publish them but I do create outfits/designs and write things down, which gives me ideas for jewelry designs and other things as well. 

But recently, due to the Beading Daily Polyvore Challenge and blog hop that was this past weekend for the new book by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel, "Bohemian Inspired Jewelry", I've been completely and utterly obsessed!

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry - 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbin and Cords
~by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegal~
Interweave Press
First, Erin and Lorelei's book is one of my favorites. You can check it out here.  The photos are so gorgeous and you can really see yourself wearing these designs - no matter what your style!

However, being up at my sis's cabin this past week and weekend, I kinda missed out on the whole challenge thing and didn't get to really go to all the blog posts of everyone who was involved in the book tour blog hop, but I'm slowly making my way around this week and next.  And, it's not too late for your to get in on the Beading Daily Challenge either - you've got until July 13th I think it is - go check it out!

You need to hop on over to Polyvore too and check out all the great collages and ensembles that everyone's putting together - sweet!!

I actually put together two sets on Polyvore that I could never in a million years pull off wearing.

But, they took me out of my comfort zone and expanded my thinking a bit - which was fun and interesting!

Here they are:

Bohemian Inspired - Featuring Lorelei Eurto's Necklace
from the book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry
from Interweave Press.

~ And This One ~

Cocktails on the Beach
Necklace by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs

Nope, not me in the least! 
Well, maybe the shoes - definitely the shoes! 

The Red Set is totally my girlfriend Lea, though!!

Here's me: (as in the style of things I actually wear)

Shopping with the Girls!!
Necklace by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs


Shel's Choice!
(I actually have the Fossil bag that's pictured here!)

~And this, too!~

Bohemian Inspired - Hippie Chick
Necklace by Erin Siegel from her book
Bohemian Inspired Jewelry
available from Interweave Press

Okay - here's where I'm going with this.

My thoughts are that you've been stuck in a rut before with designing or with your hobby or with decorating your house (Pinterest has great ideas for this by the way!) and Polyvore is a really good jumping off point to spark your creativity and it's free!

You don't have to 'share it' if you don't want to and you don't even have to save or publish the sets you create - so it's totally 'risk free'. 

Kinda like that no-calorie candy bar they tell you about, only this time it's true!!

What types of things have you found that helps you step out of your normal comfort zone and into something else but still allows you to be creative is some way?  Has it opened up new avenues for you?  Does it relax you enough to open your mind to other creative venues? 

Maybe it just sparks new interests for you and you start noticing things you haven't before - like different colors, new styles, etc.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and refueling yourself with creative endeavors.

Be sure to stop by and tell us all what's going on and what cool, creative things you're up to or that you're getting ready to try. 

Oh, and I'm having a little SALE over in my MiShel Designs Etsy shop this week - 25% off your total purchase from now until July 1st. Use coupon code SummerFun25 during the check out process. I don't have the code listed in my shop announcements because it's just for my blog and FB friends - so enjoy!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creatively Obsessed!!


****Please forgive any spelling errors. Blogger wasn't letting me check my spelling, and it kept stopping in the middle of me trying to type and all sorts of weird things today*** It's getting quite frustrating to say the least.  Anyone one else having trouble w/blogger lately?****