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One Crayon Color- What Am I?

Welcome to the
 One Crayon Color Challenge
and Blog Hop!

Sally over at The Studio Sublime
came up with a challenge for us.

Create in a monochromatic color scheme
using the Crayon Color of our choice.


What Color Am I?

I'm the depths of the Sea,
where the dolphins roam free.
I'm the bright, beautiful sky
where the birdies all fly.
I'm the ranges of mountains as you look to the west,
I'm the soft, pretty sweater that you love best.
I'm the color of your eyes, so sweet and true,
Why yes, I am the color BLUE!

Yep ~ I chose BLUE.
(Duh! Like that's surprising!)

We could use any and all shades / hues of our chosen color,
but we had to try and create with just that color.

I had lots of ideas but I couldn't decide
what color/shade/hue of Blue to create in.

So, I chose one of my favorite photos as my inspiration
while creating in my absolute, all-time favorite color!

San Clemente State Beach Park ~ San Clemente, California

There's quite a few different colors of BLUE in this photo.
So I created a few things in many shades of Blue,...
just for YOU!

 ~ As always, click on photos to see enlarged view ~

I had a ton of fun, can you tell?!!

Blue is the color associated with the Throat Chakra.
Some of the positive aspects of this color are: Loyalty, Trust-worthiness,
Tactfulness and Calmness.

Too much blue/green (turquoise) can cause you to become
over analytical, egocentric or to even shove your heart aside and allow
logic to make all of your decisions. (ouch!)

Blue is believed to symbolize youth, spirituality, truth and peace.

Turquoise promotes intuition and is the color of communication.

Blue gives us a feeling of distance and allows us to "look beyond"
and increase our perspective outward.
It is said that this is why artist use it to show perspective.

Thanks so much to Sally Russick
of The Studio Sublime for
coming up with and hosting this
wonderful challenge and blog hop!

It's really stretched my imagination!

Really?!  You actually thought that I
was going to let you out of here with out giving you
some gorgeous, BLUE, freshwater cultured pearls
to drool over? 



Please be sure to visit all the participants and colors
listed below!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Shades of BLUE!


One Crayon Color Challenge and Blog Hop


Hosted by:





Alicia Marinache


Jenny Davies Reazor


Jennifer Judd Velasquez



Oh, and happy Cinco De Mayo today, too!!

* All Photos and Jewelry Designs by Michelle Buettner / MiShel Designs *

Today's Color is Purple!

I've got purple on my bead table today - lots and lots of purple.

Amethyst, dyed jasper, Swarovski's in lots of pretty shades of violets and purples, dyed quartz and more,....all various shades and hues.

No, it's not for the One Crayon Color Challenge that's taking place on Saturday, May 5th
(Which I can hardly wait for!!).

It's for a client.  I hope she likes it.

What's on your bead table today?

Hop on over and check out the Flickr group and see what everyone else has got cookin' today,....

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Purple!