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Today's Color is Purple!

I've got purple on my bead table today - lots and lots of purple.

Amethyst, dyed jasper, Swarovski's in lots of pretty shades of violets and purples, dyed quartz and more,....all various shades and hues.

No, it's not for the One Crayon Color Challenge that's taking place on Saturday, May 5th
(Which I can hardly wait for!!).

It's for a client.  I hope she likes it.

What's on your bead table today?

Hop on over and check out the Flickr group and see what everyone else has got cookin' today,....

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Purple!

I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

It's Sunday and that means it's time for
"I Heart Macro" over at Studio Waterstone with Lori Plyler and the group.

Go check it out - you will not be sorry!!

Halloween Mummy
Since it's the day before Halloween
*** My FAVORITE Holiday!! *** 
I thought I'd share some 
Autumn colors and a few 
"Halloween-ish" sights!

Scary Halloween Spider!

Beautiful "Halloween Orange" Flower

October Leaves

Halloween Pumpkin - Up Close!


Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Happy (almost)
All Hallow's Eve!

We Three Pumpkins,.....