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I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

It's I Heart Macro over at Studio Waterstone again this Sunday - You Do NOT Want To Miss This!!
 (Trust Me!)

Here's what I saw up-close this week.

(I messed with the settings and
it's not getting good ones up-close again!)

Wish my pictures were as good as the real thing!

(click on images to make them larger)

"Flying What? On My Roses"

Un-ripened Grapefruit

Little Bug Snug in a Rose

Where All The Pics I Take Come From - The Hubby's Rose Garden

Enjoy all the great pics over at Studio Waterstone today!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Get Close-Up, Baby!

The Cat's Outta The Bag!!

Okay - here's the scoop. I love pearls. I mean I REALLY love them! (As if you didn't know!) I love to touch them, see their fantastic lustrous finish, feel how cool and smooth they feel in my hands,...yep,...I'm obsessed, let me tell you!  I love them so much that I attended the Gemological Institute of America and got a Pearls Diploma in them saying "Shelly Knows - And Really Loves - Pearls!"

I like to hand knot them in non-traditional ways, put them in designs with silver, gold, leather - you name it. I like to wear them with everything from my jeans to my dress-up jeans (I don't really get 'dressed-up"!), and I think they're the most amazing gemstone ever!

My quote (aside from my very over used motto of  'Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!') is "I don't think there's a pearl I've met that I haven't fallen in love with." That's true!  Each one is unique and special, stand alone beautiful, one-of-a-kind, like no other; dreamy!  It's okay to drool. I drool all the time just taking photos of these gorgeous little creatures!

Metaphysically, pearls represent purity, faith, charity, innocence, focus, spirituality and wisdom. Pearls are the preferred gemstone of Queens, (and princesses, too!), at weddings and as handed down heirloom jewelry. Pearls are believed to bring about wisdom, protect the wearer from harm while at sea, encourage open, heart to heart communications and connections and to allow you to see the 'good' parts of yourself,...enabling you to love yourself more!  Pearls are, quite simply, astonishing!
I guess this should really have been my blog post for June, since the Pearl is June's birthstone, but I just couldn't wait. I was reading this great article over on Etsy by Johnny B. Truant about how you have to tell stories with whatever it is you're selling and was inspired to write up this little bit to tell you how much pearls are loved - at least by me, anyway! To tell you that pearls are my story. Well, part of my story at least.
So, what's my purpose, focus, point of this whole ramble? One thing the article pointed out was that our entire lives are stories. Each individual moment is a tid-bit, a morsel, a speck and a pinch of our whole, complete and amazing story. Maybe each and every single second isn't worth being documented, written or blogged about, video taped or recorded, but some moments are. And, when we find things we're passionate about, these stories should come easily for us. (doesn't always happen that way,..but hey,...we can dream, right?!)
I'm writing this to encourage you all to challenge yourself a bit and write a part of your story. Now, the other article I read today on Etsy was about a 'challenge' (an assignment really) of how you had to tell your story in 6 words. They had to make sense, they had to make up a complete sentence and they had to be true to you and tell your story.  (You can tell that I have failed miserably at this second one - to say the absolute least!)  Okay - so now, here's your challenge from me,....go ahead and post 6 words (or a whole paragraph!) and tell me a bit about you - your story! I want you to think about your life and if you had to choose bits and pieces to write about,...what would your story be?  I bet it comes a lot easier than you think!  Give it a try!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Stories (about pearls!!)  LOL!!
  P.S. The pics in the blog post are: Pearls purchased at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show last year; Some of my designs using gorgeous pearls; The Tree House my hubby and son built at my sis and bro-in-laws cabin;  The historical library in my hometown where I'd go to read books as a little kiddo along with the Route 66 sign in the forefront (Route 66 was the 'main drag' in town!); and a pic of me,....before I was the "pearl girl" that I am today! 

So see, I bet you have a story,.......why not share a tiny slice of it?