Hanging Out

So, it's finally Summer! 

Hindman Cabin - Nutrioso, Arizona
We've been hanging out at my sis's cabin in the cool mountains of Arizona this week and it's been so wonderful!

The Famous Tree House that Mike built.
This is where we have "Happy Hour" in the Mountains!

It's also the reason I'm not blogging regularly at the moment or commenting on every one's blogs, or spending much time on Facebook, or posting to Twitter and all those other social network things that I normally do - or at least try to do!

The back deck of the Tree House - complete with new steps!

I know I've missed out on so much that's going on with all my friends on Facebook and their blogs, etc., but honestly, it's been very relaxing and refreshing to 'un-plug' just a bit!

My make-shift studio at my sis's cabin.
(See the overflowing toy box in the corner with all the toys for the kiddos?!)

I haven't even really created anything jewelry wise, either. (gasp!!) 

The view from my 'studio' at my sis's cabin.
See all the photos my sis has along the walls?
They tell the story of all our lives from the time
the cabin started being built until now,...and it continues!

I have filled several earring wire orders and I continue to answer our RespirCare phones and run our environmental business from up here.
It's nice to have mobile businesses, that's for sure! 

Other than that, I've just been spending time taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the mountains! 

I'm heading back down to the Valley in a few more days as I'm scheduled to teach a jewelry class over in Carefree at Creative U on Saturday the 29th of June. 

You should come join in the fun if you're in the area - it's gonna be a blast! 

I'll post some more pics and give details of this class here in a few days, okay?

So tell me, what are you doing this summer to un-plug? 
Are you taking in any fun adventures with your family or friends? Are you relaxing, working, playing?

How about your creative side?  Are you feeding the 'child' within and nurturing your soul? I hope so.

Ya know, Barbie's at home waiting patiently for me to return and share with her some of the awesome inspirations I've encountered once again in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona!!

The White Mountains of Arizona - Near Nutrioso.
(Prior to the 2011 Wallow Fire)

Whatever it is you're up to, I hope you'll take the time to share some of your wonderful adventures and plans with me here.

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Listening to the Wind in the Pines!

Summer Home Away From Home! :-)


  1. What a great cabin! I love the woods - the air smells so amazing and it is so peaceful :)

  2. Yes, the air does smell amazing - especially when it rains! Which hopefully will be again tomorrow!

  3. Enjoy! It all looks so lovely.

  4. What a fantastic cabin...how wonderful to have such a place for a break and share with family.

  5. Not surprised you haven't made any jewelry with all this gorgeousness just outside your window. I'm showing my ignorance about Arizona here, but I had no idea there were such beautiful mountain spaces in the state.
    Is the class on line by chance??


  6. Lynda - yes, along with our deserts and cacti we do have some beautiful mountains and tall pines up here in AZ - and three snow ski resorts, too! ;-) It's a gorgeous state. Sadly, much of our forests have been burned in recent fires - like the Wallow fire last year which was the largest in AZ history and it burned right in the area you see pictured here on my blog - it's amazing my sis's cabin made it - her mother-in-law's cabin did not and it's right down the lane from hers.
    And, unfortunately my class isn't online - it's in Carefree, AZ at the Creative u studio that some friends of mine own.

  7. Thanks gals for all the compliments on my sis's cabin and the area up here in AZ where I'm staying - it truly is beautiful and I'm so grateful to have such a lovely place to vacation.

  8. You are so lucky to be able to take a break from the Arizona Heat! Say hey to the gang over at Creative U...Such a GREAT group of instructors over there, I am in awe that you are among them! :)

  9. Lisa ~ I thought I was taking a break from the heat of the desert, but it was 96 in the shade here on Friday!! I'll definitely tell the gals over at Creative U hello!!

  10. Yes, I too like to live this summer at one of those beautiful houses in the forest. Greetings.

  11. A beautiful place to unwind and refresh, while still keeping the camera handy.


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