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Focus on Life - 52 Photos - Week 21 - Reminisce

For week 21, Sally's (The Studio Sublime) prompt was:
"Have you ever been in the middle of a busy day and all of a sudden you run across a certain baked good, candy, flower or an object catches your attention and you are sent right back to you childhood? This week,...capture what takes you back to moments past and reminisce a little."
Oh, there were so many things.
Smells, sounds, tastes.
How do you capture those on film (camera)?
They're so sweet. They capture and hold.  You hear things,...smell,...feel. You're transformed back into another world. A world you once lived. One you experienced whole-heartedly. With raw emotion. You didn't know to protect, just were. There. Then. PURE.
And now, it's today.
Of all the things that I reminisce about,...experience,...go back to,...enjoy; there is always one that stops me in my tracks; captures and holds me like no other. It's a specific smell. And it it embodies so much,....
I was only 3 when we went to California.
It was the summer before my Mother passed away.
My sister tells me stories of Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and driving up the coast. I really have only scarce memories of it, but strangely, I have very strong feelings of actually being in California. 
Several years back, the hubby and I took our son to  California and when we walked into Disneyland, I felt like I was home. 
I know,'s a place of happiness, family, etc. but this was different. This was one of the last places I had been with my Mom,...significant places, anyway (even though I didn't really remember it) and there, all of a sudden, catching me totally off guard, among all the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the sounds, everything,...I felt at home and at peace. I felt like I was supposed to be there. Not just supposed to be there at that moment,...but that that was where I was meant to be. That was home.  I felt complete and happy.  Like everything was right with the world. I did not want to leave. Ever! That was rather confusing and hard to wrap my brain around. Especially as an adult.  I mean, it's kids who don't want to leave Disneyland,...not adults, right?!! So, as we departed,...I felt like my heart was ripped from my chest!
The same thing happened the first time (and each time since)that we've been to the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach.
That's how I feel ever single time I leave California.
ANY place in California. 
It's like I'm not supposed to be leaving. And, when I do,...I feel like I'm leaving something or someone behind.
I absolutely hate leaving California and driving away - yet sometimes, I'm so ready to be home - just to escape that feeling.
It's a love / hate thing!  I love going,...hate leaving,...hate going back (because I am aware of emotions that may find their way in) But I absolutely love being there,'s who I am,...strangely enough.  I'm 'home' when I'm there. Yet, I've never lived there.  Explain that.  It's so freakin' weird I tell you - so really weird how I feel when I'm there. I cannot explain it and if I tried to even attempt to tell others what I feel when I'm there,....well,..I'd totally be dragged off to the loony bin! 
Okay - so I guess I just sorta told you all,...please don't drag my ass off to the loony bin just yet!!
Anyway, back to Sally's prompted.
It was to Reminisce. 
Well, since I couldn't travel to California this week, and after thinking of all sorts of other things, I realized that there's one thing that stops me dead in my tracks! 
It's a smell. The smell of Coppertone Sunscreen.
 It's the one smell that if allowed, I would sniff all day!
(Oh man, I'm sure that's not good info to give out!)
 But, it takes me back,...each and every time, takes me back to a place I love. To my childhood. To being in Disneyland with my Mom, my Dad and my Sister.
Funny, but I have no idea what so ever, if we ever even used it while we were there!
I so wish I had a picture of the four of us in Disneyland.
When I smell Coppertone, I see us all there.
To me it's Summer in California!
The Beach. The Water. The Waves.
Mickey and Minnie!
And that smell, for whatever reason, reminds me of my Malibu Barbie. 

And she reminds me of the beauty of California.
Of the sites, sounds and smells of California.
Of being a little girl.
Of walking on the beach.
Of being free, the ocean, the breeze,....
Of being in a moment that lives forever in your heart. 
Of Childhood.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Reminiscing.

Hanging Out

So, it's finally Summer! 

Hindman Cabin - Nutrioso, Arizona
We've been hanging out at my sis's cabin in the cool mountains of Arizona this week and it's been so wonderful!

The Famous Tree House that Mike built.
This is where we have "Happy Hour" in the Mountains!

It's also the reason I'm not blogging regularly at the moment or commenting on every one's blogs, or spending much time on Facebook, or posting to Twitter and all those other social network things that I normally do - or at least try to do!

The back deck of the Tree House - complete with new steps!

I know I've missed out on so much that's going on with all my friends on Facebook and their blogs, etc., but honestly, it's been very relaxing and refreshing to 'un-plug' just a bit!

My make-shift studio at my sis's cabin.
(See the overflowing toy box in the corner with all the toys for the kiddos?!)

I haven't even really created anything jewelry wise, either. (gasp!!) 

The view from my 'studio' at my sis's cabin.
See all the photos my sis has along the walls?
They tell the story of all our lives from the time
the cabin started being built until now,...and it continues!

I have filled several earring wire orders and I continue to answer our RespirCare phones and run our environmental business from up here.
It's nice to have mobile businesses, that's for sure! 

Other than that, I've just been spending time taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the mountains! 

I'm heading back down to the Valley in a few more days as I'm scheduled to teach a jewelry class over in Carefree at Creative U on Saturday the 29th of June. 

You should come join in the fun if you're in the area - it's gonna be a blast! 

I'll post some more pics and give details of this class here in a few days, okay?

So tell me, what are you doing this summer to un-plug? 
Are you taking in any fun adventures with your family or friends? Are you relaxing, working, playing?

How about your creative side?  Are you feeding the 'child' within and nurturing your soul? I hope so.

Ya know, Barbie's at home waiting patiently for me to return and share with her some of the awesome inspirations I've encountered once again in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona!!

The White Mountains of Arizona - Near Nutrioso.
(Prior to the 2011 Wallow Fire)

Whatever it is you're up to, I hope you'll take the time to share some of your wonderful adventures and plans with me here.

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Listening to the Wind in the Pines!

Summer Home Away From Home! :-)

Barbie's On My Bead Table!!

Barbie's on my bead table today!

What's on my Bead Table you ask? 

Bead Table Wednesday over on Flickr

Barbie's on my bead table,...along with some things that are getting packed up and ready to ship, some things I still have to take photos of (I'm waiting a bit cause I know Kerry Bogert over at Kab's Creative Concepts is gonna show me how to get even better shots than before!) and then I've got these two little fun fella's hanging out, waiting to be put into some designs, plus bunches of earring wires and clasps to get created and shipped out tomrorow to peeps.

Beady Bottles of Fun

What?  Of course Barbie's got Pearls!

Ya think I'd have a Barbie (circa 1972 or there abouts) and not have Beautiful Pearls on her?  Right!  
As my muse, she's got a few fun pieces of jewelry - not all pearls either.

Maybe I'll be brave enough to show you some time!

Barbie in MiShel Designs Pearls

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Hanging Out with Barbie!