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What's Today??

Okay - so it's Thursday

Yesterday I missed BTW (Bead Table Wednesday)

and today I've missed

My excuse you ask?

Well, Sunday night the hubby and son came home from camping and motorbiking in the desert with the son's wrist all tweaked out! 

Monday was spent at the Doctor's office and
over at the X-Ray place checking things out.

Tuesday morning was another trip to the Doctor's office
to get a splint when we found out it wasn't broken
(thank goodness!) but only sprained.

Wednesday found us back at the Doctor's office after school to learn that the same child now has strep throat! 

Geeze,...this kid barely goes to the doctor once a year,...and now,...three times in three days!

Holy Cow Smokes Batman!

Yes, Marsha, I said it again!
(Now EVERYONE knows what a total dork I am!!)

Today was spent waiting hand and foot on above mentioned teenager who, due to being sick, seemed like he was 5 years old again!!

So, tomorrow I'm hoping that a few things will get back to normal and regular posts to the blog will continue. 

But hey, how un-fun is life when things are always
normal and predictable, right?

So, Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and a little bit of Chaos!


Oh - and for those of you who haven't signed up yet for the Holiday Shop Hop - hop on over to the original post and read all about it and then send me your info via email to:

It'll be fun!!

Bead Table Wednesday

I'm trying to stay organized today,...might be a bit hard to do, but I'm trying! 

Aside from the 'to-do' list of things here on my desk,...I have a huge earring wire order that's pending - over 80 pairs,....that's a lot of cutting, forming and hammering.  

So, time to get started!

Have a great Wednesday and feel free to hop on over to the Flickr group and see what everone else is up to and what's on their bead table today!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Happy to be Busy!

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday!

There was a hodge-podge of projects going on today, was a busy day with nothing on the bead table able to be finished - that's all I gotta say!

Leather Crochet Bracelet - Broken
Hand Knotted Necklace - well, that did get finished!
Leather Knotted Bracelet for my sis - not finished before I saw her today - bummer!!
And all sorts of other goodies laying around

But  you should hop around and see what everyone else is doing today - probably some really cool stuff going on!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Busy, Busy, Bead Table Wednesday!

Bead Table Wednesday

Here's what's happening in my studio today,...

This bracelet (remember this from last week?) still isn't right! 

Unfinished Bracelets  - It's Driving Me NUTS!

 I've tried Sari Silk, bead drops/dangles, all kinds of stuff - nothing looks good to me.  Although, it does feel really good right now with all these silk ties on it - very smooth, cool, and soft - so that's nice, but we'll see where this goes!

And these,...oh boy!  Yes, these are those "Snake Skin" components that I won from Kristi Bowman over at Dreamsome Designs

Snake Skins and Pearls!!

Yep - I added glorious pearls (of course!) and wrapped them w/some vintage colored wired from Parawire/Vintaj - lovely color, huh?!  And then I added some custom earring wires with the wire as well.  Can't wait to get some real 'shots' of these earrings - they're very cool in person!

And last, but not least, it's these little devils giving me a hard time this week with the Very Vintage Fall Challenge over on Michelle Mach's blog.  I'm stumped!! 

A few components from the Very Vintage Fall Challenge Kit

So, these will be on my table, staring at me for the rest of the week until my muse shows up and tells me what to do!!

What's on your bead table this Wednesday?  Hop on over to the Flickr group and check out everyone's tables - they're pretty cool!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Happy BTW!!

Bead Table Wednesday

Okay - so 'everyone' (and I really mean literally almost everyone on the planet!)
participates in BTW - Bead Table Wednesday -  so I thought I'd
share with you what's on my bead table today.

So, here goes:

Earring Wire and Findings Orders to Fill
I love the "Bronze" earring wires - so Autumn like!

Here's a bunch of orders from my Shel's Jewelry Supplies Etsy Shop 
that I'm getting ready to pop into the tumbler. 
She's gonna be a busy tumbler today because
I don't mix my metals and these orders are only half finished!

Brass, Bronze, Copper - Yummy! 
Clasps and Earring Wirese Ready for the Tumbler!

Bead Table Wednesday - All Sorts of Stuff Today!

Then, there's these things over here on this table,....
a bracelet I keep taking various pieces of Sari Silk off of because
it's just not looking right at all.

There's all those goodies I won from Kristi Bowman with Dreamsome,......oh yeah, baby!!
I've been looking at those for a couple of weeks now,...nothing seems good enough for them.

Yet, anyway!

And yes, that's a skull bead on a bracelet you see sticking out way over to the upper left corner of the pic.  I do love skull beads,...although you've probably never seen them in any of my designs (unless you're a family member who's received some or seen my bead stash!)

And, there's the left over Bead Soup Mix from the big Bead Soup Blog Party
that happened this weekend.


You didn't hear about it?

Just click on the button at the top of my blog here that says
"Bead Soup 2011" and go check it all out.
There's even links to everyone who participated - over 360 peeps - so you can check out all their lovely designs!

So, that's what's on my bead table today,...and for the rest of the week!

What's on yours? 

Head on over to the Flickr group and check out everyone else's BTW!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and BTW!