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Artisan Cyber Sale!

 Join in the fun and shop handmade at the largest Artisan shopping event for Cyber Week!

A Fun Week of Artisan Jewelry Sales and
 Friday, Nov. 23rd - Friday Nov 30th!

Each participating member over on Artisan Whimsy will be offering a discount in their own stores or on their facebook pages and will be promoting their own give-a-way as well. 

Winners will be chosen individually by each shop owner
so be sure and stop by all the participants and
enter their give-a-ways.


Artisan Whimsy will be hiding
Three Exciting Giveaways
throughout our participants blogs.
When you find one of the

Secret Give-A-Way Banners
on a participant's blog (hint, hint!) 
click on the link and follow the directions
to be entered to win some awesome goodies!

Good Luck!
Head on over to Artisan Whimsy
to see all the participants and
what they have to offer!


Here's what's happening in the

MiShel Designs Etsy Store

I'm offering 15% OFF 
from Friday, Nov. 23rd - Friday, Nov. 30th!
Be Sure To Use Coupon Code
Upon Check Out To Receive Your Discount.
Also, I will be giving away a pair of these
beautiful, white freshwater coin pearl and
sterling silver earrings on December 1st.
(a $32.00 value!)
To be entered in my drawing, be sure to leave a comment below in this blog post and then come back here on December 1st to see who the lucky winner is!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Whimsical Shopping!


End of Summer,...

Well not officially, as that will happen later this month, but activity wise, school wise and in other ways, it's the 
End of Summer!

It's so hard for me to grasp that Fall is basically upon us since the temperatures here in the desert are still over 100 and will remain this way for several more weeks.

Photo Creidt: Marsha Hindman

Autumn is my favorite season. (Summer's second!)  The colors are amazing,...various yellows and oranges, deep reds, purples and browns - it's all so rich and colorful. (Not where I live, but in other places!)  Oh, and I just love seeing all the Autumn decorations, too - especially my sister's (Marsha Stewart's got nothing on my sis!). 

Maybe all the Fall decorations along with the great childhood memories, colors, smells, etc., are why I love designing jewelry with fall colors and motifs. Quite the palette for the imagination, isn't it?!

I'm going to be re-stocking my MiShel Designs Etsy Store with some new designs next month and today and tomorrow are the last two days to enjoy the huge saving with my "End of Summer" sale.

All the items in my MiShel Designs Etsy store are 45% off through the 7th, so hop on over and use coupon code ENDOFSUMMER45 upon check out for your super end of summer savings!!  


I was getting ready to put together another video tutorial, but I'm having some trouble with the quality and since the videos from my iphone and the flipshare are both pretty horrible, that will have to wait until I return from my vacation. (Sorry about that folks!!)


I mentioned a while back that I was going on vacation here soon.  Next week actually. I'm going to Italy with my sister and another friend.

Photo Credit: Marsha Hindman

We're meeting up with my brother-in-law in Venice before going over to Tuscany to stay in this very old, very cool farm house for a spell and then we'll make our way down to Rome for a short stay before returning home.

Photo via Pinterest

Sadly I will be going 'solo' so to speak. Meaning that the hubby and son will still be here at home, working and going to school.  That's the down side of owning our own business and not having employees and no one to turn things over to.  

Oh, and another kicker,....I'll be in Italy over our 18th wedding anniversary!  Yep. Bad me. Mike says it's great because he doesn't have to plan anything (Italy's my present) and he and the 'masked rider' can sit home, order pizza and watch movies and just hang out at night - you know - guy stuff!
I'm going to be snapping away, getting as many pictures as possible. I will have my iphone but they've told me it won't work over in Italy (it's not the newer models), and I opted not to go pick up one of their International phones because I didn't want to carry it around along with my other one and all that good stuff. And now, after making that decision, they tell me that not just the cell phone part won't work, but my wi-fi features and all that good stuff won't work on it while I'm over there either.  (seriously??)
That's a real bummer as I was going to facetime my son and FB with he and the hubby while I was away to stay in touch. 
My bro-in-law has a little tablet thingy we were going to use to use for facebook and stuff like that too, but I guess it took a nose dive onto a tile floor and fell to it's death. So, I'm going to just get a calling card and be completely and utterly unplugged for two weeks.
Yep - that's gonna be really weird!  
And, I was getting ready to do another give-a-way too, but my tutorial (it was a tutorial with a kit) isn't exactly as I want it to be either and so this too is going to have to wait until I return.
I despise putting things off - turns my stomach - but I guess sometimes you just have to realize there's only so much you can do and just deal with it. 
But, as a more positive way to look at it, it's something I have to look forward to when I return at the end of the month, isn't it? Yeppers,...that's the way to see things!!
So, once I leave, there will be 'radio silence' here on the blog for a few weeks. (Me, silent?! Ha! That's a good one!!)
How about some Autumn Inspiration for the moment,....

Blue Ridge Fall by Jim Dollar on Flickr - Via Pinterest

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Seasonal Change!

Photo by Michelle Buettner

The Low Down,....

The 'emotions' roller-coaster was in full swing last week. 

From sad things to happy things, here's a little run down and also a gesture of appreciation for you at the end of this post!
  • A childhood friend was laid to rest.  (this was the sad/sucky part!)
RIP My Friend - See Ya On The Other Side!

  • Had a bead magazine ask for an article from me for publication in 2013! (Woo-Hoo!!)
  • Found out some various designs I submitted were accepted by a couple of bead magazines (double woo-hoo!)
  • Saved a turtle who decided to venture out of 'lake-land' into the "asphalt jungle". (feel good kind of thing!)
He's cute, isn't he?!
  • Created Jewelry to submit to more magazines and to put in a boutique. (fun part - but I can't show you anything yet!)
  • Listened to the adventures the Hubby and Son had while camping this weekend: torrential rains, held baby horny toads, almost broke a bridge by crossing it, chased by a swarm of bees and stung (hubby!), hit a tree head on,...with his motorbike and his head (again - Hubby!), heard bears, found gorgeous crystals and fossilized shells, helped a stranded motorist, returned some one's lost phone, saw a gorgeous rainbow, and got pictures of none of the above! (they ARE the reason I have so many wrinkles and why I twirl my hair with both hands at the same time!! Actually - more Hubby than Son - Son's the responsible one!)
Partner's in Crime!

  • Had an awesome massage!(Thanks Debbie!)
  • Cleaned the house, did laundry, got groceries. (nothing new there!)
  • Stopped by Creative U and got my Creative Fix (and some supplies!) and chatted with friends!
Hanging with Jen @ Creative U
  • Filled orders and shipped stuff (thank you to all my wonderful clients - you rock!)
There's lots of other things too, but this is plenty to list for now!
I wanted to spread some love around by having a sale over on my MiShel Designs Etsy site from now until September 7th, 2012.  
When you use coupon code ENDOFSUMMER45 upon check out with Etsy, you will save 45% off your total order!
The reason I'm having a sale this huge is because I'm clearing out my inventory to make room for some new jewelry designs coming in October.
The other reason for the sale is that I'll be shutting down both of my shops from the 8th of September thru the 30th of September while I'm away on vacation (more details on that later next week!).
Hint: There's a Roman Aqueduct where I'm going!
The sale is only good in my MiShel Designs shop, not my Shel's Jewelry Supplies shop.(Sorry about that, but I've got my findings priced as low as I can possibly go right now.)
So, what kinds of things have been going on in your life lately?  Any stories to share?

I'm going to be having a little give-a-way, sharing some jewelry pics and putting up another little tutorial here on the blog this week.  (At least that's the plan anyway - wish me luck!)

So, stay tuned and have a great Monday!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Hair Twirling!

Fruits Of My Labor

Remember this weekend when I posted my

Well, here's the fruits of my labor after playing around with some different materials this weekend.

Click photos to enlarge images

I'm having fun making hoops, covering them with recycled sari silk and various colored ribbons and wrapping them with the darkened annealed steal wire and adding a few little seed beads and crystals - too fun!!

Grunge Hoops

The Grunge Hoops will be available in my Etsy shop this week.

Also, the weekend before, when we played in the garage studio and I dipped some things in liver of sulfur

Well, here's a few of those items now, too. 

I love how copper can look on different surfaces and with different colored backgrounds - it's such a cool metal!

I'm gearing up for the Annual Nutrioso BBQ and craft show this weekend up here White Mountains of Arizona and so some of these are going to be put on display there, but several will be in my Etsy shop next week as well.

I'm limited to what items I have up here at my sis's cabin, but it's stretching my creativity to play with what I have. I even forgot my LOS, so no dark metals other than the ones I made up prior to coming back up here - oh well - I'm still having fun!

Someone asked me if my being here at the cabin fueled my creativity or did it just make it too hard to create, being in such a beautiful area and wanting to just enjoy my surroundings. The answer is a little bit of both!

What's fueling your creativity this summer? 

Are you inspired by your surroundings?  

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!



I Call It,...??

My "Moonlit Owl" Bangle Trio

Remember back here, when I showed you the funky bangles I'd created after getting the fun Tribal Gypsy Bangle Tutorial from Fanciful Devices over on Etsy?

My version of "Tribal"

Well, I posted on Facebook how I was creating some with a sort of 'Goth' look and feel to them. I mentioned they were kind of "Dark Shadows meets the Adam's Family" and some people asked me to post them once they were finished and photographed - so here they are.

I still haven't used my Renaissance wax on the fiber portions yet to control all the 'fuzziness' and that's because,...well, I'm kinda likin' the soft fuzzy feeling and the way they look.  I also haven't taken any photos with my metal 'filler-bangles' put into the mix yet either.

I'm not quite sure what 'style' to call these or how to label them as I put some in my Etsy shop. Any suggestions?

These are completely different than the bangles in Fanciful's tutorial and they have my own 'signature' (if you can even call it that) style woven into them.

Not tribal and not really Gypsy, either.

They have a sort of 'Gothic' look and feel to them - or maybe that's just what I see.

I really like playing around with the darkened metals,...whether it be the annealed steel or my blackened silver and copper. 

It's just cool looking and I've always loved blackened metals.

I haven't always created designs using dark metals - but I love the look. Case in point - my love for Todd Reed's dark metals and raw diamonds, Emanuela Duca's blackened metals (her designs are what I see in my dreams!!) and of course Sarah Graham's signature designs.   These designers embody such a raw elegance. Their designs are full of mystery and intrigue. Not to mention they're just plain gorgeous and super cool.

Emanuela Duca - Magma Ring

So, tell me what you think - how should I label these and what should I call them?   I've seen things such as 'Post Apocalyptic', Goth, Rocker, Grunge, Organic, Urban,.....??

They're definitely eclectic.

What are you playing around with this weekend?  
Are you creating anything special? 

What types of styles and designs are you interested in at the moment?  Please share with us!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Funky Styles!


May Madness Sale!

~ Hey Gang ~

I'm having a 25% OFF SALE over in my

And,  it's only for my Blog Buddies,
my Facebook Friends and my Twitter Peeps.

To get your discount,
enter coupon code MAYMADNESS
during the check out procedure on Etsy.

The coupon code won't be posted in my shop announcements, so don't forget!

See, Madness CAN be fun!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Going Mad!

Client Spotlight - Sharing some LOVE!

It's that wonderful time again when I get to shine some light on another jewelry designer who happens to be one of my clients. 

Harriet Love, with Love Notes over on Etsy, (Love the play on her name!!) has some unique and very eye-catching designs in her shop.   Harriet uses some of my ear wires from my Shel's Jewelry Supplies shop on Etsy in her jewelry creations.

Textured Copper Dangle Earring by Harriet Love

I think Harriet's background is quite fun - just like her jewelry designs. She opened the first vintage clothing shop in Greenwich Village in New York and then she penned the book, "Harriet Love's Guide to Vintage Chic".  After that came her vintage inspired clothing and jewelry store in Soho.  Talk about experience in fashion and retail - Harriet's got it! 

Enameled Copper and Stone Earrings by Harriet Love

Harriet's eye for color is something else, too. She combines these rich, full-bodied colors and mixes in textures and shapes that make your eyes squeal with delight!  Beautiful is an understatement!

Copper Earrings by Harriet Love

Of course, I'm a bit partial to blues and reds and coppers so of course I'm happy that my ear wires get to be part of such awesome designs!

Harriet has some gorgeous necklaces in her shop, too - like these here - oh my! 

Tibetan Pendant Necklace by Harriet Love

I love how the purple pops right out to greet you in this one, don't you? And I'm not usually that much of a purple person.

Colorful Gemstone Necklace by Harriet Love

Just goes to show you what a good combination of colors, textures and materials can do for a design! 

Hop on over to Harriet's shop and show her some LOVE,...won't you?! 

Get it,...Love? I knew you would!! 

Until Next Time,

Chunky Turquoise Bracelet by Harriet Love

Peace, LOVE and Eye Popping Colors!


What Would You Create?

A while back I was the lucky winner of these wonderful Honeycomb Head Pins created by
Raida over at Havana Beads!  
(I know, I was drooling when I saw them, too!!) 

Honeycomb Head Pins by Havana Beads

You should see some of the new ones she has up in her
Etsy shop now,....oh how luscious they are!!

Wildflower Drops by Havana Beads on Etsy

Okay, back to these goodies!!

Honeycomb Headpins from Havana Beads

I created one pair of earrings for my "Spice it Up" Collection using these awesome Honeycomb Head Pins but that has been it so far.

These are "Spiced Cognac" and they're over on Flickr.

I've been looking at these and stewing over them and wondering what else I'd like to create with them.

I love earrings (as many of you know) and they're my favorite things to create, so I have a feeling that a couple of them may find their way into another pair!

Oh, but what to mix them with!?!

Honeycomb Head Pins by Havana Beads

What would you create, given the chance? 

Let me know by leaving a comment below here on the blog and I might possibly (hint - hint) share a couple of these with someone!  (Wouldn't that be fun!!)

I'm linking up with BTW today over on Flikr because these are indeed still on my bead table today.
Along with about 60 more pairs ear wires I still need to get hammered out by the end of the day!!

Take care and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you'd like to create if these were on your
bead table today!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sharing!