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FOL:14 - Week 40 - Color

Wow, week 40. October. Time flies, doesn't it?! 

This month our topic for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge from Sally was "COLOR" and for this first week in October our prompt is:  

Color Photography.  

Sally said, "Capture your most colorful moments to date!  This week its all about color photography!

This wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Looking around, all the colors seemed the same,...even the pearls I was able to work with for a few minutes were all white. 
Not very colorful. 

Then, as we sat down to eat one night, my hubby and son's favorite show came on.  Yes, we're awful, we usually eat in front of the idiot-box. But we laugh, talk and have fun while doing it, so it makes for some great family time!  

Anyway, when this came up on the screen, I shouted out, "Pause it!" 

They looked at me like I was crazy. I explained to the son and hubs what our photo assignment was this week and how, even on my daily walks, I either saw nothing very colorful or I'd forgotten to take my phone when I did see something, so this was my only chance!

So, here's the color that was in my week. We laugh all the time at each other as we each try to be the first to complete the puzzle. It makes for some very colorful dinner conversations, let me tell you!

Let's see what other colorful moments everyone else captured this week!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Color in Everything!

I'll leave you with these colorful signs,....

Simplicity: ONE

Our topic for the month of September in the Focus on Life: 2014 weekly photography challenge is SIMPLICITY and for week 38, Sally has prompted us with:


One being, one part, one piece.  We are all ONE.

Capture a photograph with only one subject or one piece or a small part of a subject.

This week I received my first certification in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) industry of which my husband and I are immersed in with our business.

It is one step, with more to follow.

I am one, of many.

As is this one,.....

Let's see what everyONE else has captured this week, shall we? 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and One Simple Step.

FOL2014 - Week 5 - Get Outside

Our host, Sally, from the Studio Sublime, gives us a new focus each month for our "Focus on Life 2014" weekly photography challenge.
For February our focus is: 
Cabin Fever
And, for week 5 of 2014, our prompt is:
Get Outside!
Sally shared a few words with us for this week's prompt.
"We find ourselves in the dull-drum of winter.  This month we will break free of those feelings and focus on the fabulous-ness of February!  Sometimes the perfect fix for temporary relief of cabin fever is simply to get outside, even if you just step out on the porch.  Get out of the house and focus on the change cooler temps bring to your surroundings."
So, for week 5, you're instructed to:  Get Outside!
I really feel for all the folks around the country who are getting tons snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and things of this nature - it's just super crazy!

You will definitely want to 'click to enlarge' these sunrise pics! :-)
Nope - no enhancements - just cropped and framed them in Pixlr.
And, Yes - it was really this vibrant and breath-taking!
But here in the Arizona Desert, well,...we're having some really nice, really warm weather  - record braking on some days. It's been in the high 70's and even hit 80 I think.

 Hopefully this is not a precursor to what's coming our way from Mid-April through late October. I'd hate to think that our average temperature for this time of year is going to be in the 120's vs. our normal average of about 105 to 110 or so.

But, once it's over 110 it pretty much all feels the same.
Probably like when it dips below -5, with wind chill factors of -40, cold is cold. Ice is ice. It hurts to breathe!

So, I feel for those of you suffering.
I'm really glad and extremely thankful to live where I do.
At least this month anyway.

Our Sunrises and Sunsets here in Arizona are among
the most beautiful in the world (IMHO) and on Thursday morning I looked out the window as I was fixing my coffee to see the absolute best sunrise starting to come alive.  I rushed to get my phone and went outside and started snapping away.

Sorry, but I couldn't decide on just one of the photos
I snapped and had to show you all of them!
I hope those of you in the wake of all this crazy-silly cold weather can stay inside, stay warm and stay safe.

Feel free to use any of these as your screen saver.
That's what my niece and sister did!
LOL! ;-)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sharing The Warmth!!

FOL 2014 - Week 2 - A Silhouette

*I'm having a bit of trouble lately with blogger and the internet in general this week. Windows 8.1 (what I have) updated my browser to ie11 and neither seems to be playing nicely w/others. And, after reading some forum posts and switching between google chrome and firefox, it doesn't appear they solve the problem either. So, if I cannot comment on your blog or you get multiple comments from me on yours or you can't comment on mine, etc., please understand that "it's all good folks!"  According to blogger and ms/ie - they know of the problem and it's going to take a while for the old browser applications everyone else has to 'catch up' they said.
I guess, from what I've read, I'm lucky I can even see my blog and post pics!*

For week 2 of the Focus on Life:2014 series, Sally's prompt for us was:
 A Silhouette
A photograph with a subject(s) captured in a shadowy outline with little or no detail against a bright background.
This week,"We are going to let all the flaws of the world fall away for a week and concentrate on  an image with no features,  just a simple silhouette". 
On my walks in the late afternoon each day I was trying to find a lovely saguaro to capture as a silhouette because they are so majestic, especially when captured this way, but nothing seemed to work out. 
It did lend me to take notice of things a bit more and be present and in the 'now' - like this challenge does each week - and I managed to capture a silhouette of a very tall palm tree.
Played around with a little bit of color and saturation here,....
But our ever-so-gorgeous Arizona Sunsets, which make the landscape one big silhouette, are my favorite.
Something I never tire of!
Our sunrises are equally as amazing!
In all it's glory,.....
Please check out all the Silhouettes everyone else was able to capture this week, won't you?
De-saturation photo using Sally's Tips / Video she provided this week!
Thanks Sally - this was cool!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Silhouettes!