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FOL2014 - Week 5 - Get Outside

Our host, Sally, from the Studio Sublime, gives us a new focus each month for our "Focus on Life 2014" weekly photography challenge.
For February our focus is: 
Cabin Fever
And, for week 5 of 2014, our prompt is:
Get Outside!
Sally shared a few words with us for this week's prompt.
"We find ourselves in the dull-drum of winter.  This month we will break free of those feelings and focus on the fabulous-ness of February!  Sometimes the perfect fix for temporary relief of cabin fever is simply to get outside, even if you just step out on the porch.  Get out of the house and focus on the change cooler temps bring to your surroundings."
So, for week 5, you're instructed to:  Get Outside!
I really feel for all the folks around the country who are getting tons snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and things of this nature - it's just super crazy!

You will definitely want to 'click to enlarge' these sunrise pics! :-)
Nope - no enhancements - just cropped and framed them in Pixlr.
And, Yes - it was really this vibrant and breath-taking!
But here in the Arizona Desert, well,...we're having some really nice, really warm weather  - record braking on some days. It's been in the high 70's and even hit 80 I think.

 Hopefully this is not a precursor to what's coming our way from Mid-April through late October. I'd hate to think that our average temperature for this time of year is going to be in the 120's vs. our normal average of about 105 to 110 or so.

But, once it's over 110 it pretty much all feels the same.
Probably like when it dips below -5, with wind chill factors of -40, cold is cold. Ice is ice. It hurts to breathe!

So, I feel for those of you suffering.
I'm really glad and extremely thankful to live where I do.
At least this month anyway.

Our Sunrises and Sunsets here in Arizona are among
the most beautiful in the world (IMHO) and on Thursday morning I looked out the window as I was fixing my coffee to see the absolute best sunrise starting to come alive.  I rushed to get my phone and went outside and started snapping away.

Sorry, but I couldn't decide on just one of the photos
I snapped and had to show you all of them!
I hope those of you in the wake of all this crazy-silly cold weather can stay inside, stay warm and stay safe.

Feel free to use any of these as your screen saver.
That's what my niece and sister did!
LOL! ;-)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sharing The Warmth!!