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Melting, Making and Creating

Although the hubby and I have been completely entrenched this year in the company we own and operate together, we have each taken moments to 'play' and create a few things.


Although I prefer to play with pearls, gemstones and beads,

Mike likes melting pewter and making pendants and components for me to mix into my designs.

He researches the makers marks of the pieces he purchases before melting them; photographing them and logging their story; making sure the pieces he's 're-cycling' are lead and nickel free.

There's some pieces he finds that are just too old, too unique or have too much history to melt down.
Those have a special place of honor in his office.

Hand-pouring pewter is the 'old-way' of creating pewter pieces. It's not as precise as other forms of casting pieces can be. It takes practice and lots of patience. 
There's lots of 'do-overs' and 're-melts'.
Getting into the zone and pouring just the right amount of the hot, molten pewter at the exact moment is an art form in itself. 
We won't mention (very loudly) that he didn't start out with any traditional (or modern) melting, finishing supplies or casting items.

Hey, having a beer helps! :-)
Nope. That wouldn't be Mike.
It basically started out like this:
Mike"Hey, I think I'm going to melt some pewter and see what happens. Doesn't that sound fun?"
Me"How ya gonna do that? Do you have the right equipment?"
Mike: "I don't know. I got a torch. That'll work, right?"
Me"Um, I guess so. Are you melting it just to watch it melt or are you going to make it into something?"
Mike: "Yep, probably."
Me: "Oh Lord!  Please don't burn the house down!"
Mike: "I'll be in the garage."
Me: "Please move my car first!" "Seriously,...."
So, after months (probably a good year or so) of playing with his torch and watching it melt and hammering it into funky shapes, having it splatter up onto his clothes and his work glasses (thank God he was wearing some eye protection!!), burning his hands, dripping it onto the carpet beneath the work bench and ruining several antique ladles (and other things), he's finally getting his technique down; working with actual 'tools' (so to speak) and products used for such things as melting, casting and creating pewter pieces.

I'm partial to pieces that are 'old world'  and rustic looking so Mike's style of pouring pewter and the way he gets the pieces to come out is right up my alley and fits nicely with many of the designs and ideas I have tucked away in my brain.

My 'Stash' of components from my hubby!

He often remarks, "Man. You sucked me right into your world! It's addicting!"

Yep! Gotta love it, don't ya?!!

"Skull-e-ten" Key, and 'Lunar" Ankh (Lunar = like the surface of the moon)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Melting, Making and Creating!

Back to Work!

Remember yesterday when I told you I was taking a "play day"? 

Well, here's a look at what took place:

Some un-finished designs just out of the LOS

I played around with some copper and brass,....hammering, putting texture on metal, punches holes in things, wire wrapping and even dipping stuff in LOS - Stinky!!

But it was fun!!

Mike playing with fire.

Mike was out in the garage workshop area - melting stuff!

Mike's pewter goodies

He's got this thing with melting pewter and making molds and cool stuff.  

Some of Mike's melting tools and his pewter crosses

This is my work area of the garage compared to his.

See the old sewing machine in the corner and that old clock up top from a few blog posts back?
Mike actually did learn to sew on that machine. And the clock, well, we're still trying to get it to work.

I don't usually play with fire like he does.

When I do,'s just small stuff. Or if I feel like some heat, I turn on the kiln (which isn't often). 

My trusty, old kiln!

Haven't seen one of these since the stone ages, huh?! 

I traded our friend a 6 pack of beer for his first kiln he used with his dental business - I got the better end of the deal!  She's a trusty thing!

The Masked Rider hangin' with us in the garage studio

Even "Axl" (aka - the Masked Rider) was in on the fun.  Ever watch the t.v. show, In The Middle?  You know, Axl Heck, the no shirt wearing, walking around in his underwear, doesn't own a hairbrush, teenager?  Yep, that's pretty much our son too. Seen here in his 'Axl Costume' (un-masked)!

Having fun with colors!

I did manage to play with some of those beads I showed you all yesterday. The filigree ones were plastic and their color was chipping off so I thought it would be a good time to play with some of my alcohol inks. 

Their colors turned out really cool. Now I just have to seal them and then wipe them with some Ren. Wax.

Playing with all sorts of stuff

And, I played with some of my gilder's paste from over at B'Sue's Boutiques, too - used it on some of her brass findings and also on some of my embossed Vintaj blanks.  Fun Stuff!

Playing around with some Gilder's Past and Alcohol Inks

We played until later in the evening then fixed dinner and talked about our favorite part of the day.

Mike's Fun Crosses

A pewter ring and a pewter, screwy-thingy-ma-bob for the tree house.

Might have been seeing the storm roll in.

It was a beautiful, fun and wonderful day all around!

Hope you're all geared up for the week and that you took some time to play or relax this weekend!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Getting Back To Work!