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Countin' Down

It's summer. The kiddo's are out of school (or almost out) and you're daily routine has been changed up a bit. 
Still busy, just different, right? Yep,, too!
I'm trying to get all sorts of stuff done, but I keep turning in circles because I'm not sure which 'stuff' to do first. Then, I just loose momentum. Not to mention focus and inspiration.
And, from what I'm reading on many other blogs,'s happening to a lot of other folks, too!
I've been meaning to get pics of some designs I have had sitting over on my table for a few weeks (possibly months) and there's a bunch of components I've been meaning to actually create jewelry with. And then of course there's the tutorials and videos that are half-done, half-started or let's just call them 'still in the works' shall we?
I snapped a couple of pics this weekend of things I've been 'sitting on' for months. 
Vintaj blanks I altered - such cute birdies!

More Vintaj Blanks - so much fun to play with!!

And then there's these yummy goodies from

Do you ever just sit on stuff for what seems like forever before you turn them into something?  Maybe it's just me.
Anyway,...I did finish up a couple of fun little bracelets and was able to snap a pic of a necklace I created a while back.
Faceted Czech Glass Bead Macrame Bracelet
Beads: Beads Galore, Tempe, AZ
Cord: Waxed linen cord in 'Vino' from
The Knotty Do It All.
"Rugged" - Turquoise, Pearls and Jasper Knotted Bracelet

C-Lon Beading Cord: Online at
Freshwater Cultured Pearls: Ayala's Originals - Evanston, Illinois
Turquoise:  Turquoise Jewelry MFG INC - G&LW Show - Tucson
Snakeskin Jasper: Might be Dakota Stones, but I spaced out writing it down
after purchasing it at the Tucson Gem/Bead Shows in Feb!  (Duh!)
They're all quite simple in design - showcasing the beads/stones.
Hand Knotted Mixed Pearl Necklace
Freshwater cultured pearls: Ayala's Originals and Majestic Pearl, Co.
C-Lon Micro Cord: online at
I'm heading up to my sister's cabin this weekend for a little 'girlfriends retreat'. I'm excited because it's going to be much cooler up in the mountains and I love hanging out with my sister and my girlfriends.
We've got some yummy meals planned as we take turns cooking something special each night for dinner. There's going to be a bit of jewelry 'teaching' going on (yeah!!), some art classes as my sister teaches us about abstract art (I think this is gonna be really fun!) and then she's even going to do a Zumba class or two on the front porch a couple mornings. How fun is that?!

Paradise in the White Mountains of Arizona
We'll be able to go hiking and enjoy the wonderful mountain air and we'll be watching great movies in our jammies, reading, lounging around, listening to awesome music, sippin' some cocktails and napping! 
Oh,...I am sooo ready for a wonderful weekend!
My creative juices seem to be all over the map lately, hence the 'stuck in my own tracks' syndrome, so I think it will be good to get away and soak up some 'nature'.
Happy Hour on the Deck of the Tree House - that's gonna be grand!
According to the Farmer's Almanac, Mercury isn't in Retrograde until June 26th, so I've got some time to get my act together before I'll need to to 'reflect' and 'go with the flow'.  :-)
Do you ever feel like you're turning in circles or you're stuck on what to do next?
What do you do to get past that little 'bump in the road'?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Limbo!

Back to Work!

Remember yesterday when I told you I was taking a "play day"? 

Well, here's a look at what took place:

Some un-finished designs just out of the LOS

I played around with some copper and brass,....hammering, putting texture on metal, punches holes in things, wire wrapping and even dipping stuff in LOS - Stinky!!

But it was fun!!

Mike playing with fire.

Mike was out in the garage workshop area - melting stuff!

Mike's pewter goodies

He's got this thing with melting pewter and making molds and cool stuff.  

Some of Mike's melting tools and his pewter crosses

This is my work area of the garage compared to his.

See the old sewing machine in the corner and that old clock up top from a few blog posts back?
Mike actually did learn to sew on that machine. And the clock, well, we're still trying to get it to work.

I don't usually play with fire like he does.

When I do,'s just small stuff. Or if I feel like some heat, I turn on the kiln (which isn't often). 

My trusty, old kiln!

Haven't seen one of these since the stone ages, huh?! 

I traded our friend a 6 pack of beer for his first kiln he used with his dental business - I got the better end of the deal!  She's a trusty thing!

The Masked Rider hangin' with us in the garage studio

Even "Axl" (aka - the Masked Rider) was in on the fun.  Ever watch the t.v. show, In The Middle?  You know, Axl Heck, the no shirt wearing, walking around in his underwear, doesn't own a hairbrush, teenager?  Yep, that's pretty much our son too. Seen here in his 'Axl Costume' (un-masked)!

Having fun with colors!

I did manage to play with some of those beads I showed you all yesterday. The filigree ones were plastic and their color was chipping off so I thought it would be a good time to play with some of my alcohol inks. 

Their colors turned out really cool. Now I just have to seal them and then wipe them with some Ren. Wax.

Playing with all sorts of stuff

And, I played with some of my gilder's paste from over at B'Sue's Boutiques, too - used it on some of her brass findings and also on some of my embossed Vintaj blanks.  Fun Stuff!

Playing around with some Gilder's Past and Alcohol Inks

We played until later in the evening then fixed dinner and talked about our favorite part of the day.

Mike's Fun Crosses

A pewter ring and a pewter, screwy-thingy-ma-bob for the tree house.

Might have been seeing the storm roll in.

It was a beautiful, fun and wonderful day all around!

Hope you're all geared up for the week and that you took some time to play or relax this weekend!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Getting Back To Work!


I'm So Sorry To Have To Post This,....

Well, it's taken me long enough to post today, that's for sure!  That's because I was a bit scared to post this,....but, you can't grow if you don't do what's uncomfortable, right?

As Always, Click The Photos To Enlarge Them

I've been messing around with some Parawire / Vintaj Arte Metal Colored Wire and wrapping some things and hammering it, etc. and I'm forced to report to you 
that I'm not impressed.  

I hate to say that (especially publicly) as I'm sure I'll be black-balled from every jewelry magazine, craft site, blog, etc. in the beading and handcrafted jewelry world!! 

But, I can't sit here and pretend this doesn't bother me. 

Okay, so for the record - I do love Vintaj's brass
and new copper blanks and charms and
their arte metal blanks and charms, too.

But this wire is just not doing anything for me. 

And yes, I've used other Parawire/Vintaj brand wires with much better success.  At least that's a positive, right?!

The "permanent" coating peeled off when I wrapped it around these pearls with my hands (no tools used). At least the 24 gauge wire did, anyway.  And you can see in my loops, where I did use tools, what happened. (And no, I don't have that heavy a hand). 

The 22 gauge wire held up a smidge better on another pair, but not much.  


And hammering the 20gauge wire into ear wires (not for sale or anything, but just to try it out for myself and see how it handled) well,....the minute the hammer touches it,....yuck,...guess it's not meant for that. But hey, you gotta experiment and try stuff or you'll never know, right? 

 So, on a positive note - if I take pictures at the right angle, you really can't see the 'mucked-up' wire - right? Yea,...I can still see it, too.

The Artisan Copper and Antique Bronze wires both hold up much better when I beat them up with my hammer or wrap them around tiny little pearls. 

 And, to be clear here, I do like other Parawire and Vintaj products,....just not this particular wire I purchased.

Someone please tell me that it's just these few spools that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and not all of Parawire's Vintaj Arte Metal Colored Wire - please???

These poor little pearls probably think I hate them right now. 

See, I'm not the only silver snob - my pearls like it, too!!

Ooohhhhh,...I just got taken off a bunch of 'blog rolls' right there and half my followers just quit following me.
(I'm doing well for the beginning of the year, don't you think?!!)

I'm going to be ripping these little babies apart tomorrow and re-doing them in sterling silver and dipping them in some LOS till they're black like these here.

Then I'm sure I'll be thrilled with them!

Anyhoo, that all that's said,...I'm here, ready for the 'Shel Bashing' to start - so go ahead.

I won't whine when people leave mean comments 'cause I know you're all are in love with both Parawire and Vintaj (and I am too) and they're the hottest things around right now, go ahead,...let me know what you think.  No profanity though - those comments won't get through!! 

 Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and "Going Out On A Limb!"

Oh  - I'm linking up with I heart Macro today, too. You should see the amazing photos on todays' line-up.  HOLY COW they're amazing!!

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday!

Okay - so I'm not real good at silence,or inactivity, so here's what's on my bead table today. 

Odds and Ends - Making Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays Today!!

Which, I might say, is actually pretty full right now as I'm trying to get gifts finished and ready for Christmas!!

Lampwork Glass Beads - Firebabies on Etsy
Vintaj Artisan Copper and Bead Caps
Someone Special's Getting This for Christmas!

And I finished these - they're for me to wear on Christmas! (Lucky ME!)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and that you're creating something wonderful, whether it be jewelry, cookies for the holidays or lovely memories with your family!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!!


Very Vintage Fall Challenge!

Very Vintage Fall Challenge Designs Kits
by Michelle Mach

Excitement!  Sometimes, getting me (Shel) out of her "shell" is not easy - just ask my friends or my hubby!

So, when I came across the Very Vintage Fall Challenge over on Michelle Mach's blog I almost passed up the opportunity to stretch my potential - I'm so glad I didn't!

I saw all the lovely beads and findings she had in her kits for the Fall Challenge and fell in love with them!  I love all things to do with fall,...the colors, the fabulous jewelry, the sports, the holidays, the sights, sounds and smells - you name it!  Halloween's my favorite holiday too, by the way. I mean what's not to love, right?!

Anyhoo,...what I'm not so good at is creating 'vintage inspired' jewelry since most of my designs are pretty classic and simply in style. Not that this challenge is only about vintage goodies, oh no, you can design anything you want, but these pieces just scream Vintage (Vintaj!!) and it's a design style I admire and love to drool over!  I haven't worked with too many of the very cool 'Vintaj' products, but have a few pieces on hand because I just thought they were fun, and the items I have all seem to revolve around Fall - go figure!

It's very good to step out of your 'design box' and try new things because just like I've always told my son about trying new foods, "Ya never know when you're gonna find your favorite!" so I'm excited to give this a shot and see what I can produce and hope that it will resemble some sort of  Vintage/Vintaj piece that is appealing and fun to wear!

The reveal date is October 4th and I'll give you a "Heads Up" when it's time to hop on over to all the participant's blogs and check out their fabulous designs - there's some amazing talent in this challenge, let me tell you!

So, Until Next Time, 
Peace, Love and all things Vintaj!