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Focus on Life: Week 27 - Textures

It's week 27 of the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos challenge and Sally from The Studio Sublime gave us the prompt:  Textures.
"We touch a lot of stuff through out the day.  Ever notice how many different textures your fingertips feel?  Probably not.  Unless you're purposely feeling something for its texture we really don't pay attention. This week focus on how things feel, and then snap a picture of that texture!"


Texture from the 'moss' on the rock wall inside the kitchen at the cabin

I'm up at my sis's cabin hanging with my family for the 4th of July weekend and there's tons of textures around here - really cool textures, too!


Close-up of the tree that Logan and Mike helped cut down

Logan cutting up the tree that was too close to the
cabin and had to be cut down
Now, hop on over to the Studio Sublime and catch a glimpse of all the wonderful textures every one else has captured this week!

And, then here's some texture from Italy, know I couldn't resist!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Texture Happy!

**I'm having trouble with the internet up here at my sis's cabin, so I'll be sure to comment and visit everyone's blogs this week after we return!! **Sorry about that**

Door Porn!

Click here to see
My Bead Table Blog Hop
from Saturday, October 13th.

Happy Sunday Folks!

I have what some people might refer to as a slight obsession with photographing doors (peeling paint, rusty key holes, iron work and all that yummy stuff that goes with doors.)

Click to enlarge photos to see details ;-)
While I was on vacation last month I had the most wonderful opportunites to snap a bunch of photos of some of the above mentioned subjects.

Yep, I went to Door Heaven!!

Oh, the textures!  And the colors,

And the intricate details,....OMG!!

The angles at which I was able to take photos wasn't always my first choice, nor did they all come out the way I wanted them to - but at least I have them. 

Napoleon's "Boat Park" Door - Venice, Italy

If not the way I want them on my computer,
I have them the way I want them in my mind!! ;-)

This was one COOL Cat!!

I'm linking up with I Heart Macro over at
Studio Waterstone today.

Sill So Regal!
If you get the chance, hop on over and check out all the super-cool macro shots that people have posted  - they're always drool-worthy!

Until Next Time,
 Peace, Love and Door Porn!