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Ribbons of Hope

I'm not sure if I can actually call my handcrafted ribbons I designed "Ribbons of Hope" as that name seems to be take (by several individuals and companies!) but I'm calling them Ribbons of Hope because they started out as commemoration ribbons; ribbons to commemorate awareness for things such as motorcyclists on our freeways, and various cancers, too and they actually do represent hope. 

Many of my friends and clients asked if I could please duplicate my design for them, only using colors that coordinated with the types of causes, cancers, diseases, and awareness that meant something to them and were close to their hearts - so I have begun the process.  And what a rewarding proccess it is!

So, listed here in this post are the beginnings of some of the designs. These first pics are of the original design with blackened sterling silver ribbons that have been hand forged, textured and wire wrapped and adorned with saltwater and/or freshwater cultured pearls (of course they have pearls - you guys know me well enough to know that!!).

One of the ribbons in these pictures is going to be given to a young woman who's father and I attended school together. This young woman has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Her necklace will have a gray ribbon attached to it for brain cancer awareness and I'm donating more jewelry items that will go into a silent auction at a benefit that will be held this summer for her. With out mentioning their names or anything (to protect everyone's privacy), I'd like to ask you to send your warmest wishes and prayers to this young lady and her entire family - there is definitely strength in numbers when it comes to 'postive vibes' that go out into the Universe! Thank you - I really appreciate it and I'm sure she and her family will as well.

The other ribbons in this collection that I'm creating will have various colored gemstones and ribbons associated with the different types of awareness causes such as pink for breast cancer, gray for brain cancer, yellow for our troops and their families, teal for Hodgkins Lymphoma, light blue for child abuse, red for your "heart health" and many more.  There are also plans for various types of metals to be used such as gold, copper, brass, etc. making these handcrafted metal ribbons adaptable to any cause which needs awareness and education. I'm also going to be donating a percentage of the proceeds of these ribbons to various causes as well - I just have to work out all those details first, before folks can start placing orders!

I welcome your thoughts and comments on these - so feel free to post something to this blog or shoot me an email or leave me a message on facebook.

He's my MiShel Designs Facebook Page so you can leave a message there if you'd like.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Lots of Love and Awareness!

P.S. - Someone asked and I looked it up - GRAY is how it's spelled in the America's and GREY is how they spell it in Europe and just about everywhere else in the world, they are both acceptable and both correct. I prefer grey for some reason,...don't ask my why! However, I made sure I corrected my use here in this post to the 'American' version but I still have it listed as GREY on my FB page!  :)

Gearing up for the Tucson Gem Show!

I love Tucson! My son was born there, so that makes it pretty special. Living there for 6 years was nice, too. But the absolute best thing about Tucson, aside from my family and friends who live there and my friend Nina's wonderful cooking, is the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

It's THE gem and mineral show of the year (seriously!) and it's such a behemoth that it's simply referred to by those in the industry as "Tucson". Yep, no need to say more!

I'm so exited to meet w/my suppliers and peruse the vast selections of lusterous pearls, lucsious gemstones and everything else that goes along with "Tucson", that I can hardly stand myself!! (and at this point, neither can anyone else!)

Along with all the wonderful gem/mineral and fossil shows there's almost as many bead shows in town. And if there's beads, then there's all sorts of wonderful things that go along with beads, like silver and gold findings, more beads, and of course classes and workshops!
Speaking of classes and workshops, not only will I be "Shopping Till I Drop" while I'm in Tucson, but I'll be teaching some wire work classes at the Manning House Bead Show that's being held at the beautiful and historic Manning House Mansion between February 3rd and 8th, 2009.

You'll want to take either my "Eye Catching Ear Candy" class that's super fun and packed with tons of techniques and designs, or, for those of you who want a bold, signature necklace, I'm teaching my "Hammered Chain and Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant Necklace" class complete with hammering, texturing, forming and wire wrapping. Follow the links above to read all the details and to sign up - I'd love to have you in one of my classes this year!

Be sure to sign up soon though because registration for my classes will be closing shortly so I can pack up and make the long drive south! Okay, so it's only a 2 hour drive from Phoenix to Tucson, but I'm spoiled because I don't travel much outside my littel 5 mile radius - thanks to the internet!

Here's a great article about the 2008 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show that was in Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine - it's packed with valuable information! And, for those attending the show this year, visit Colored Stone - The Tucson Show Guide to view all the show locations, complete with dates and times, vendor lists, shuttle schedules, and information on things around town like where to eat, stay and play.

Okay, so I could tell you that I'll be giving nightly updates here on my blog about all that's uniquely "Tucson", but honestly, I'll be ogling my 'daily stash', feasting on Nina's gourmet cooking and sipping wine w/her and the family. And then there's that thing called SLEEP,...if you want to keep up the pace again the next day! But I promise to do all I can to keep you in the loupe! (I mean loop!)
So, come join in the fun and feel the energy! After all - it's "Tucson"!!

Until then, have a good one!

P.S. - Okay, Just FYI - My posts will normally NOT be this long - Honest!! Really,.....