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"Re-Brewed" Delights!!

Check these awesome earrings out folks!  Rebrewed Creations over on Etsy has some really fun and funky earrings and they're using our custom earring wires from our Shel's Jewelry Supplies (also on Etsy), with their great designs!  (Thanks so much!!)

What better gift for "Beer Loving Enthusiasts" and "Funky Jewelry Lovers" can there be?  These unique and well thought out earring designs are not only great conversation pieces, they look great for everyday wear, too. And, they're lightweight, they go with just about any outfit and what a clever way to 'recycle' your beer caps!  Now that's wise!!

My favorites are Pale-Ale Beer-Rings because I think their design, whether using beer caps or not, is completely unique and modern.

My other fav's are the Porter Beer-Rings because their shape reminds me of sea shells on the beach,...some place I'm likley to be sipping a cold brew! 

These would make great Christmas and Holiday gifts, stocking stuffers and even New Year's treats for your friends and family members who enjoy things a bit out of the norm.  Oh, and another HUGE PLUS - they're having a "Happy Hour Special" - which includes Free Shipping in December, so go check out the details and pick up a bunch of 'Beer-Rings' today!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fun and Funky Earrings!